Sindhu Bhairavi - Episode - 171 to 180

Preparations are taking place for the marriage of Sindhu with Veer. Bharavi is secretly dreaming her own life with Veer. She is confident that she will be able to marry Veer cheating Sindhu.

She feels over the marriage/Muhurtam saree of Sindhu and feels elited.

Meanwhile her old friend and family friends from Kuppam come over for 'mehandi applying function' of Sindhu.

Kukki Sindhu's childhood friend too comes to the function. Kukki gets suspicious on Bhairavi's intentions and actions but is unable to tell this out.

Bhairavi dreams of telling Sindhu that Veer is her own and dreams of dancing/duet
with Veer. And then she dances round and round and round like a true Bhairavi.

Sindhu is customarily fasting before the marriage but Bhairavi forcibly makes her to drink orange juice. Bhairavi tells her that their friendship will last long.

Divya comes and tells Sindhu that a special beautician has been arranged to beautify her.

Sindhu is praying God to forgive her for breaking the fast. She tells to her friend Kukki that she is worried that she had to break the fast when Bhairavi made her to drink the juice. Kukki tells Sindhu that Bhairavi had done this purposefully and her intentions are not good and wants to tell more on her. But Sindhu cuts in and tells her to stop telling anything wrong about Bhairavi.

Veer requests his elder brother Vijay to join his marriage otherwise his marriage will be incomplete. Vijay is struggling to avoid taking drugs.

Vansh entry will bring in another kind of love story. Vansh is a drug addict who was pushed into this habit by his uncle.

Bhairavi sees the beauticians arrival and adorns herself with the brides sarrie, Divya objects and tells her that she should not wear these and this belongs to bride. Bhairavi tells her mother that she want to see how it will look on her. Divya tells her that she has kept other dress for her and takes her to wear it.

Veer comes dressed up in grooms dress and is appreciated by his family. He takes blessing with the elders. Daddaji embraces him. When his mother is about to put tilak on his head he asks about his brother.

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Yes Vijay is longing for her teacher who is non-other than the discarded Sindhu of Gunavanthi. What will Gunavanthi think and do when she comes to know that the teacher is Sindhu that he is longing for?

i love veer.and thank you very much for raj tv.

i love you sindhu.nan trichy j j college of enginnering of trechnology la BE panitu iruken.unga nadippu superb chancey illa sindhu.and i love you veer.sidhu ungala marriage pannalai nu kavala padathinga nan ungala marriage panikuren okay va veer.

local trichy la padichutu unnaku north indian mapillai kekutha


i love this serial very much, its really nice serial

In the begining it was good but after the arival of Veer it is becoming very worst.

Braivi character is good character

very nice story.thanks to raj tv.i love u sindhu.

Very nice story.Thanks to Raj tv.I love u sindhu.

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